A surprise ... no two ... no three ... oh what, FOUR! Brace yourselves: The Release of the new CD "cross ng over!"
has a date (June 7th), a new snippet is waiting for you, from a long interview with us and you will find in the next   edition of "Miroque" uuuund for the very faithful among you there is still a very "special" surprise ... but psssst   Beloved, thanks to you all that you have so much patience with us and our side is true, without you it would be like without his Punch Judy -.. simply too much to bear  

We are so happy to see you in Wuppertal and to celebrate with you.

Punch on!

Hey Ho, just fresh out!

In Wuppertal punch'n'judy have a special at the start! This is not to hammer the band meant Mila Masu, which are anyway not to beat, but the pre-release special edition of the cross! Ng over! For all those who can not wait until June!

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