Crossover-Folk from the Ruhrgebiet

Every concert of the five punch'n'judy musicians is an unforgettable experience. It is just the perfect mixture of jumping audiences and trembling floors. With their incredible joy of playing they tell timeless stories with thundering drums, furios guitars, a driving accordion and impressive vocals. punch'n'judy create the unmistakeable sound of their crossover-folk with the most diverse influences from rock, metal, medieval music and folk and offer a spectacular range of rocking folk that goes straight into your bloodstream and into your legs.

In 2005 they released their debut album spring!time which truly lived up to its name at the concerts. In 2007 punch'n'judy sent their album punch on! on the journey. The title soon turned out to be a battle cry at the concerts. In 2010 punch’n’judy released a live album that was simply called Live. Songs from the first two albums and new songs let the listener experience the stirring atmosphere at punch’n’judy's concerts.
Currently punch'n'judy are travelling with their third studio album cross!ng over, produced by Carlos Perón.

Set out and join us!


Sascha - vocals
Ute - accordion and additional vocals
Peter - guitar and additional vocals
Stefan - bass and additional vocals
Andreas - drums